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Silvon Testing Policy and Certified Applications

Review the Silvon Testing Policy and Certified Products document to see which Silvon applications are tested and certified with specific servers and Windows operating systems.

Stratum Product Line – Testing End Dates

Review Silvon’s Stratum Product Line – Testing End Dates to know when Silvon Software will discontinue comprehensive product line release testing.


New Year Maintenance for Stratum Applications

Updated**** The year end is near! Learn how to add a new year into Stratum and Stratum.Viewer databases.

Stratum.Planner User Folder Access Requirements

With the introduction of the Report Formatter in Stratum.Planner 6.0, the Stratum.Planner user will need security access to the Stratum.Planner application directory and the Temp_Export folder within the Stratum.Planner application directory.
November 8th, 2011|Planner & Server White Papers, Whitepapers|

V6.2 Stratum.Planner and V6.0 Stratum.Server now Available!

V6.0/V6.2 Stratum.Planner & V6.0 Server are now generally available!
October 4th, 2010|Alerts, News, News & Alerts, Planner/Server News|

V4.1 Stratum Forecasting now GA!

Learn more about Stratum Connector for Forecasting V4.1
June 10th, 2005|Alerts, Forecasting News, News, News & Alerts|

Server Resources and the Processing of Forecasting Cases

Tips about processing Stratum.Connector for Forecasting cases in light of the impact it may have on server CPU usage.
January 22nd, 2004|Documentation, Forecasting Documentation|

Improving Planning Update Performance

How to improve Planner update performance
July 21st, 2003|Planner & Server White Papers, Whitepapers|

Data Copy Utility

What it does:

The Data Copy utility copies data from one category to another. Data can be copied directly or be factored before it is copied to the new category. All values or a specified value can be copied to the new category.

How it processes:

Categories that share the same number of buckets: Data Copy will perform best when copying […]

May 21st, 2003|Planner & Server White Papers|

Server K-Indexes

Understanding the K tables and indexes concepts with our Windows/SQL Server and UNIX/Oracle products.
April 9th, 2003|Planner & Server White Papers, Whitepapers|