Silvon is pleased to announce Version 7.5 of Stratum. A quick summary of what's new in this release is below. Find more details here: V7.5 Stratum What's New. Upgrade instructions, requirements, and other key implementation documents can be found here: V7.5 Stratum.Viewer and Connector Documentation.

What's New? A Stratum Glossary that helps you better understand your Stratum Data model by having the ability to access additional data details like custom descriptions. Quick options for adding KPIs to reports that can help you monitor things like a store's Maximum Weekly Returns, a product's Standard Deviation of Weekly Available Inventory, and so much more. And with Stratum V7.5, you can now filter on attribute relationships to dynamically focus your Stratum reports -- say, for example, to show only those Products with "Apple" in their long description.

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