Stratum reports contain different levels of summarization that allow for either high level or granular levels of analysis. Clickable links in reports are the fastest way to navigate through layers of summarization. Drill up or down via links to change how much detail displays at any given time.

Where Do Drilling Links Show Up?

Drilling links show in the main data grid of reports that contain multiple levels of summarization. For example, links will show in a report that has Product Brand, Product Family, and Product detail.

  • Click a link in the heading cell of rows /columns to see all values for the next available level.
  • Click a link in the detail cells of rows / columns to see only values relevant to the clicked item when the next available level displays.
Drill Through Views For More Detail

The navigation panel above the grid is another area where links show up. Click a link to move up or down to that level in the report.

Click Links In Reports To Drill Through Details