There are a few ways to access Stratum Dashboards.

Access From A Shared URL 

Administrators can send you the URL for the entire Stratum Dashboards app, from which you can open any individual dashboard in it. Administrators can also share URL's for specific dashboards for you to open them individually and outside of the main app.

Access From Stratum.Viewer

  • User links to the entire app or individual dashboards in it can be set up and added to view groups in Stratum.Viewer. Users can click those users links from Viewer's Stratum View Pane to open the applicable dashboard.

Stratum View Pane

  • Administrators can use the main menu in Viewer to access the app in maintenance mode. From the main menu, select Manage Things then select Dashboards.

Stratum.Viewer Main Menu

Learn More

Browse the app's online help to learn more about it.