Automation for Refreshing Dynamic User List

Important Note: This whitepaper is for iSeries installations only.

This utility provides the capability to refresh dynamic user lists in batch.  By including this utility in a nightly process, dynamic user lists can be refreshed after the database has been updated.

  1. Restore the program REFRESHUL from the save file AIREFRESH to a library.
  2. Include the library in step #1 in the library list
  3. Execute the program REFRESHUL.  This program will perform the following actions
    • Reads each record in STCSUL10
    • For each record in STCSUL10 where ULTYPE = 1 (dynamic user list)
      • Deletes all records in STCSUL11 where the ULID and ULUSERID are the same as the record in STCSUL10.
      • Executes the SQL statement found in the field ULSQL in STCSUL10.
      • Writes the resulting dimension values from the SQL statement to STCSUL11.

The source for the program is included in the source physical file QALLSRC.