When you are executing cases for Stratum.Connector for Forecasting, a server must retrieve and process input data for the cases and then carry out various calculations to generate output data for the cases. Therefore, a high percentage of CPUs on the server can be used by case processing. Factors such as the server’s processor capabilities, how much input data needs to be retrieved, how much output data needs to be generated, and whether or not other types of processing are being carried out on the server will impact CPU usage and the time it takes to complete the processing.

If you are concerned about case processing impacting other types of processing (or vice versa), here are a couple tips about servers and case processing:

  • When cases need to be processed, check the relevant server to see whether or not any other applications are being used or other types of processing are being carried out. If so, wait until the processing has been completed and close the applications before executing the Forecasting cases. Once the cases are executing, wait until after the case processing has completed to open any other applications or to initiate any other types of processing.
  • You can also process Forecasting cases on a dedicated server that is used only for Forecasting purposes.