Data Copy Utility

What it does:

The Data Copy utility copies data from one category to another. Data can be copied directly or be factored before it is copied to the new category. All values or a specified value can be copied to the new category.

How it processes:

Categories that share the same number of buckets: Data Copy will perform best when copying […]

Server K-Indexes

Understanding the K tables and indexes concepts with our Windows/SQL Server and UNIX/Oracle products.

Server iSeries UL

Automation for Refreshing Dynamic User List
Important Note: This whitepaper is for iSeries installations only.

This utility provides the capability to refresh dynamic user lists in batch.  By including this utility in a nightly process, dynamic user lists can be refreshed after the database has been updated.

Restore the program REFRESHUL from the save file AIREFRESH to a library.
Include […]